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I've heard about Pandora a few weeks ago, but only tried it out for the first time today.
The idea is excellent - analyze your taste in music and bring forth music from the same genre. It may sound complicated (and I'm sure behind the scenes it is), but getting started is fast and easy. They ask you to register using an email address (I wouldn't use my main one for this), but otherwise this service is free.
Also, if you have patience of steel you can save the music you hear as mp3 files for future enjoyment. Over at digg they specify how this is done.
I've created my own radio station by entering Depeche Mode, Moby, Boards of Canada and some more electronica. You can listen to it here if you like.
Bottom line - go try it out. It's cool.

The last thing most of us need is another email address. And yet here I am, talking about another email service.
I personally use gmail and am extremely happy with it. Every once in a while though, one may need another inbox for... crap and such.
Goowy mail offers extremely attractive GUI. And 2 GB of storage.

And on a related note - I can't remember the last time I registered for something not using Pookmail

On a completely different note - The File Extension Source is a handy tool for finding what program opens that file you downloaded.

Hi, nice article, one tip: very useful site with file extensions database is at http://www.file-extensions.org. Michal

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