Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Nudie Art

This large set of artistic nude shots is really interesting - the lighting and shooting angles make it difficult to make out exactly what you're looking at with the first glance.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Flight of The Conchords

Shoddy picture notwithstanding, these guys are superb. Try the 'HBO One Night Stand' videos. It's all good.


I absolutely hate it as a Transformer design, but love it as the alien rapist in an anime porn.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Nerdy Shirts

These are pretty monies. I would totally wear MacGyver on my chest.


East Side.

West Side.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tiny Animals

A gallery dedicated to tiny animals, clinging to human fingers.

Microwave Plasma

It's surprisingly easy to get some home made microwave plasma action going. It looks great and makes your appliance sound possessed!

Some more plasma + boom.

Pilot Training

People make some strange faces when exposed to various gravity simulations.
Watch the l33t editing skills at 2:09...

Stop Motion Cooking

Pancakes - It's true. I could eat pancakes all day.
And a short survey: Lemon on pancakes? Yes? No?

Some sort of gourmet space muffins.

Altoids Challenge

I don't think we have Altoids here, but this commercial is delightfully fruity.
"Hey, Toot, Loopy! Taste the fruit!"

Atheist Nightmare

This guy may not look it, but in just one minute he will shatter your atheism and present irrefutable proof to the existence of god.


For the (two?) cat lovers in the crowd, I present:
Cats! Being cute!

Comatose Kitty - Just like a woman to ruin a good nap.

The real Bonsai Kitty.


This drummers' marching band doesn't do much marching in this video, but I got down with their groove nonetheless....

If you haven't seen it yet, this white boy version of Hey Ya is actually really good.


I've returned from Miluim at last, just in time to have missed the better part of my exams.
I saw some wonderful things while surfing the net last night, so I hope I will find the time to post them all.
I'm behind by a few weeks, so forgive the old junk that's bound to come up.
Also, there's a new counter thingie on the right, and a matching flag game that makes me feel inferior.

Quite nice to be back.