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From afar

It's nice and chilly here in Frankfurt. Snowed a bit last night (front and back of the house are visible above).
I've discovered something weird - Google video isn't available yet in some countries. Strange.
I don't have my full list of sources here - these are some things I ran across.

Gopher Broke, the latest short film from Blur Studios

A bit of a read, but "The Best Cyber Sex", featuring the notorious Bloodninja and others, is quite hilarious.

Creating your own alphabet is fun. You can download your created font and use it on your PC. Much respect to Executive Producer Golan Levin...

Despite what Yuval claims, Dr. Tran is the new hotness.

For the technology-hack-fans in the crowd - Full motion video on an 8088 (with video). Thanks Lior!

Confused about dealing with the bird flu? Burt explains.

In order to overcome the geo-location by google you can follow instructions listed here:

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