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Dayvan Cowboy

A few years ago (during a shift as a guard in Germany actually) I discovered Boards of Canada through an Austrian friend.
Liking what I heard, I've since then followed up on all their releases.
This, as far as I know, is the first video they've ever released, if you don't count Salad Fingers of course...

[Dayvan Cowboy, out of The Campfire Headphase]

Ahh. The Boards,
Makes me wanna quit my job.
This isnt their first video, though. I've seen stuff from geogaddy and I *think* there's some from the MHTRFC album.

Really? I've never seen a video of theirs.

there might even be some on the mule.

BTW - ever watched "Shaun of the Dead"?

I enjoyed it. Available on demonoid

I dunno. You might be right - this might be the first "official" video afterall.

humm. i know I saw *someting*.


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