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There seem to be a lot of cat videos lately. And Star Wars videos. I'll have to look if there's any correlation.

- Never give up. I like how nonchalant he looks when he makes it.

- Smart kitty. I think the cameraman got excited to the point of orgasm at the end there...

- Cat washing machine.

- When cats attack! Maybe as result of the previous video...

This cat washing machine is a so called "spa"???!
I would like to kill the people who took their cat into it and the people who thought that a living cat would like water being sprayed on him!
death to all!

A cat needs to be showered once in awhile. Esp. if they go outside all the time. We shower our cat every half year or so. Cant say he likes it much but he does smell and look alot better after it.

That machine thought might be a little off the top...

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