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I have recently began to study Spanish in the university. These are some study aids I've picked up so far:

Pimsleur Spanish 1 - around 30 audio lessons. 200 MB. I find this one to be quite helpful. Stay tuned, for I shall upload the second and third sets as well.

Longman Spanish-English English-Spanish dictionary. 126 MB. This one is a .nrg file (nero image). You have to burn it to a cd as an image or mount it on your favorite virtual drive program. If these terms mean nothing to you skip this one. Or come find me and I'll try to make clear that which is not.

Pimsleur Spanish Swear Words (in two minutes). Yet another audio file.
Click free and continue from there.

This site offers lots of free, seemingly useful mini lessons. I haven't explored it thoroughly yet, but looks good.

I laughed so much hearing that foul language... I had to send it to my friends in the university, who laughed even more. BTW, don't try these phrases anywhere outside Mexico, you'll look rather silly.

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