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and so I'm back... from miluim...

Was the most useless service that could be. Four days out in the middle of the desert, sleeping in a tent and eating reserves, doing NOTHING. Such nothingness that numbs the mind. Nothing taken to extremes. So far to the extreme that it started to curve at the end.

Anyway. I'm back. Have lots of stuff to make up for the university, but more importantly - in interwebly silliness.

The gayest video clip ever.

Telling people that a dangerous animal is caged in a box and then flinging something fluffy at them has quite amusing results.

Big battle rapping jelly doughnut.

Write stuff with a little man and some crates. This must have a use.

The Woomba. It tends to your noony.

In the holiday spirit - little singing elves. Make your own annoyance here.

I enjoyed the first Samorost. The second is upon us.