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The Emperor's Journey

I watched The Emperor's Journey a few days ago. If you haven't heard about it, it's all about the emperor penguins in Antarctica. And their journey. It seems that much like the salmon, these well dressed flightless birds travel for 20 days to the very place where they were conceived. And back to the sea for food. And then back again to the nesting ground. And back. They cover a lot of millage.
The photography in the film is stupendous - it's all shot during the winter in -60 degrees, and the movie is so well shot that I could count every little feather on the penguins' fluffy bellies. Or watch the little penguin emerge from the egg as if it were a few inches in front of me.
It bugged me a little that the penguins were given voices and kept talking nonsense. There was also this otherwise adorable seal, that tried to eat some mother penguins and so immediately was turned into this sort of gaping mouthed monster.

All in all this film is worth watching solely for its beautiful (and it is) photography. And kudos go to the penguins.